Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Guilty Pleasure #1

So, it may be a guilty pleasure, but I have to admit it. 

I think Zac Efron is delicious. I hated him for a long time, was forced to watch High School Musical with a younger relative and thought he was kinda cute-ish in it. 

But then he grew up. 

He's gotten more attractive than I thought possible! And Hair

spray? Yeah, it turned me on to him even more. I saw it four times, once in drag as Edna Turnblad, during it's theatre run. Just look at that booty!

Monday, December 3, 2007


Hi guys!

The name's Em. I've been considering doing a blog for several months now and found the courage to pick it up now after seeing how easily Chris from About a Boy and his Briefs got into the swing of things. He's been a real idol for me. <3

So, yeah, I'm a single gay guy from Canada, interested in music, movies, and just about everything else. So keep an eye here for updates!