Sunday, May 25, 2008

Favourite Profile: Humbuged

An introduction to the gay artist known as Humbuged. 
The man's done some amazing work and has been around in the gay art community for years now. His personal life isn't out in the open, which I think is a very, very good thing. The general public doesn't need to know everyone's business. ;) 

Anyway, Hum has done some excellent art and created some very sexy characters. He's also dabbled in some Flash animations and games. The most recent one is a feature of Final Fantasy X's Wakka. Here's a little preview he posted. 

He's a great drawer, an awesome animator, and a creative mind. I adore the man and I've never even met him. Check him out at his website below. 

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Favourite Profile: Sarah Slean

I'm gonna use this time to talk about one of my favourite people. Her name is Sarah Slean. She is everything. She is a pianist, a singer, a songwriter, a painter, a writer, an actress. She's, truly, a renaissance woman. 
She's been in the music industry for over a decade, has released two books of poetry, had her own art opening in Toronto, Canada, and has even acted in an independent film noir musical about the Evelyn Dick murder case. 

I recently had the pleasure of seeing her live and meeting her after the concert. She is a sweetheart and absolutely stunningly beautiful. 

Sarah's most recent album, titled The Baroness, was released on March 11th, 2008. The album features 12 brand-new songs from Sarah, all independently written. 

The lead single from the album, Get Home, is an anthem for anyone who has ever had someone cheat on them. Other stand out tracks on the album include Looking For Someone, a track detailing a longing for love, Sound of Water, a song discussing perspective and how situations can be viewed positively as well. 

The album is a strong release, presenting a melancholy soundtrack for life. Sarah's fourth studio album and seventh release, Sarah has evolved in to a new artist with each album. 

Sarah Slean has stated in previous interviews and discussions that she never releases an album because her record label tells her to. Sarah never wants to release an album unless she feels ready to, unless she has had a big change come in her life. 

Sarah's one of Canada's most talented writers. Give her a listen! 

The Official Video for "Get Home"

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'm Alive

I've been pretty busy lately with an assortment of different things. Finishing out classes, working on a record label (hopefully it'll be open before the end of 2008), and having a social life. 
But I'll make a quick update since I'm having another insomniatic night. 

I've been looking forward to The Dresden Dolls' new release, No, Virginia..., for a while now. Well, it's finally leaked and I have to say I'm thoroughly impressed with it. For a B-sides and 'Songs we never thought you'd hear' compilation, it's pretty solid. Some of the tracks were released before and a few were left off that a lot of fans would like to see. But I find the compilation to be an excellent collection of songs. The flow on the record works just as well as their full length releases

There are a few catchier songs that would work well on radio, some less commercial songs that would appeal to the indie-hipster crowd and a rather heart-wrenching finishing track. 

So, even though the album's leaked, it's still worth the wait and definitely the purchase. I'd suggest picking it up on May 20th! If you're a fan of The Dresden Dolls, you might want to consider entering their pre-order contest for No, Virginia... Gives you the chance to win a toy piano decorated by the band, tickets to any date on their headlining tour this summer, and a copy of their newest book! More Details here and Amanda Palmer's (Singer, Pianist, and Songwriter of The Dresden Dolls) blog here.