Friday, October 17, 2008

Beyonce -- I Am... Debut Singles

Standard I Am... Sascha Fierce cover


Beyonce is releasing a new album next month entitled I Am... The album will be a double-album, with Disc One entitled I Am... Beyonce and Disc Two entitled I Am... Sascha Fierce. I'm pretty excited for the album. I loved Dangerously in Love but B'Day didn't really do it for me. 

Beyonce's new album has a dual-personality theme. The first disc is the Beyonce disc, containing more bluesy and R&B styled songs and the second disc is the Sascha Fierce disc, containing dance and hip-hop styled songs. 

The first single from the album is a double A-Side, If I Were A Boy (from the Beyonce Disc) and Single Ladies (from the Sascha Fierce Disc). Both videos are embedded below.  I enjoy Single Ladies much more. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bee Lady

Saw her when leaving my day job today. Thought it was kinds cool and very random.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Who Killed Amanda Palmer -- A Review


Who Killed Amanda Palmer - Amanda Palmer
Released: September 16th
Tracks: 12
Record Label: Roadrunner Records

Who Killed Amanda Palmer is an adventure in to Amanda Palmer's psyche. The album delves in to everything from war and abortion to family issues and domestic violence. Amanda Palmer, free of the ties that a band can bring, was able to let herself go and do everything she couldn't with The Dresden Dolls. 

Full Review after the jump. 

Friday, October 3, 2008

Sarah Slean to release new EP

The beautiful and talented Canadian songwriter Sarah Slean is set to release an EP of tracks cut from her Fourth Studio Album, The Baroness. No news of a concrete tracklisting has been released yet, but Sarah has confirmed through her official website that an EP will be released. 

Sarah had upwards of 20 songs written for The Baroness ranging from the release of Day One to her recent life in Paris, France. The songs were cut down from above 20 to 18 during the recording process. 

Expected tracks for the EP are

  • Parasol - Confirmed by Sarah herself. An upbeat piano piece based around a classic tune. Available to those who pre-ordered The Baroness from the official Sarah Slean store.

  • The Rose - Speculation. Released as a bonus track on iTunes, written as part of a CBC collaboration of artists adapting classic Schubert pieces. Also published in Sarah's second book of poetry, also titled, The Baroness. 

  • The Lonely Side of the Moon - Speculation. Released as a bonus track on iTunes and apart of the same CBC collaboration and also published in Sarah's second book of poetry, also titled, The Baroness. 

  • My Song - Speculation. A song played live at shows since roughly 2005. 

  • Compatriots - Speculation. A song played live at shows in 2007.

  • Modern Man - Speculation. Not much is known about this song. It has been published as a poem in Sarah's second book of poetry, also titled The Baroness.

  • The Right Words - Speculation. Not much is known of this song. 

So here's hoping we'll get a little more information on this such as title, tracklisting, and release date in the near future! 

Thanks to LittleSlean for information on select songs.