Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'm Alive

I've been pretty busy lately with an assortment of different things. Finishing out classes, working on a record label (hopefully it'll be open before the end of 2008), and having a social life. 
But I'll make a quick update since I'm having another insomniatic night. 

I've been looking forward to The Dresden Dolls' new release, No, Virginia..., for a while now. Well, it's finally leaked and I have to say I'm thoroughly impressed with it. For a B-sides and 'Songs we never thought you'd hear' compilation, it's pretty solid. Some of the tracks were released before and a few were left off that a lot of fans would like to see. But I find the compilation to be an excellent collection of songs. The flow on the record works just as well as their full length releases

There are a few catchier songs that would work well on radio, some less commercial songs that would appeal to the indie-hipster crowd and a rather heart-wrenching finishing track. 

So, even though the album's leaked, it's still worth the wait and definitely the purchase. I'd suggest picking it up on May 20th! If you're a fan of The Dresden Dolls, you might want to consider entering their pre-order contest for No, Virginia... Gives you the chance to win a toy piano decorated by the band, tickets to any date on their headlining tour this summer, and a copy of their newest book! More Details here and Amanda Palmer's (Singer, Pianist, and Songwriter of The Dresden Dolls) blog here.

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