Monday, October 6, 2008

Who Killed Amanda Palmer -- A Review


Who Killed Amanda Palmer - Amanda Palmer
Released: September 16th
Tracks: 12
Record Label: Roadrunner Records

Who Killed Amanda Palmer is an adventure in to Amanda Palmer's psyche. The album delves in to everything from war and abortion to family issues and domestic violence. Amanda Palmer, free of the ties that a band can bring, was able to let herself go and do everything she couldn't with The Dresden Dolls. 

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  1. Astronaut: A Short History of Nearly Nothing - With beautiful production and a crashing riff, Astronaut opens the album to an emotional testimony to The Astronaut. The figure is mentioned several times over in different songs written by Amanda Palmer and while no one's too sure what the meaning amounts, it's definitely a romantic symbol for Ms. Palmer. 

  2. Runs in the Family - A high-anxiety, dove-tailed song, Runs in the Family gives a frantic feeling to the listener. Love the track, fun to sing along to, great lyrical content and no where near the angsty 23 year old whining that Amanda's described it as.

  3. Ampersand -  An anthem for those of us who believe that you don't need someone else to be happy. Sure, it helps, but it's not the key to your happiness. It's not a favourite on the album, but I don't skip over it. 

  4. Leeds United - One of my favourite tracks on the album. It's a snarky, fun sun. The take on the album is scratchy, rough and I love it. The piano and the horns mix well and create a rocking, wild feel to the song.

  5. Blake Says - Amanda says Blake Says is a game. Try to find all the Velvet Underground references. Aside from that, It's a pretty fantastic song on it's own. The production on it is very well done, too.

  6. Strength Through Music - The most touching song on the album. A tribute to the shocking killings at Columbine. Written during the media rush after the massacre and recorded during the Virginia Tech massacre, Strength Through Music, and it's beautiful companion video, will bring tears to the coldest of people.

  7. Guitar Hero [Featuring East Bay Ray] -  My favourite track on the album! Guitar Hero's a social commentary, a fucking cock rock song, and a great angry song to just scream along to. Best track on the album!!

  8. Have to Drive - A beautiful slow piece written about.. well, roadkill. To understand the song better, it's "I have my reasons, deer." Not dear.

  9. What's The Use of Wondrin' [Featuring Annie Clark of St. Vincent] - A cover of the song from the musical Carousel. A song that explains a woman's worry that her husband beats her. Her friend tells her, "sure he may beat you, but you love him. Right? That's all that matters!" 

  10. Oasis - A pop song about rape and abortion! Before anyone gets offended, it's written as a joke song! It's hilarious and I love the chord riffs and the Beach Boys backing vocals. Comedy Genius.

  11. The Point of it All - A song about friendship and love. It even goes so far as to say "Just because they call themselves friends it doesn't mean they'll call", which can be as desperate as some people feel. I know I've been at that point before.

  12. Another Year - A beautiful closer. A lot of people wanted Straight as an album closer, but I think that Another year if a much better choice for the album closer. It brings a nice rounded sound to it. Another favourite on the album  

So, overall, it's a very solid album. I recommend it to anyone who likes The Dresden Dolls, Jason Webley, Regina Spektor, Stars, Tegan and Sara, or Death Cab for Cutie. 

Total Rating: 9/10

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