Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The NGP Announced - Successor to the PSP

Sony announced today at a press conference for Playstation that their successor to the Playstation Portable, the NGP, will be released in the Holiday Season of 2011. It is unclear if this is a Japanese only date or a worldwide release.

Some features of the NGP include...

  • Higher Graphics - Roughly equivalent of early PS3 Graphics
  • Front and Rear facing cameras 
  • Always-On 3G Data Connection
  • A new cartridge style game storage - UMD officially scrapped
  • 5" OLED Touch-screen
  • Touch Pads on the rear of the system
  • Two analog sticks
There will be location based features implemented that will show you other NGP players nearby and the most popular games in your location. It looks as though Sony has partnered heavily with Google in the implementation of Android-like features in the NGP. They have also planned to launch a Playstation service on Android devices including phones and tablets that brings the Playstation experience to the devices. PSP games and possibly Playstation 1 games will be made available for purchase to play on Android phones and tablets. 

Sony's main goal with the NGP and the Playstation launch on Android is to have a fluid gaming experience. To start a game on your PS3, walk out the door and continue that game on your NGP. To check in on your stats from your phone and tablet. 

Sony's main tagline for the NGP and the Android Playstation launch is...

The power is now in your hands
Head past the break for Sony's press shots!

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