Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Apple -- New iPod Lineup


Apple introduced it's new lineup of iPods yesterday. The whole line has been updated with new UI, storage updates, and hardware changes. However the Price Changes introduced for the US aren't quite as nice for Canada even though our Dollar is near equal with the US Dollar now. Tch. When will you learn Apple? Head past the jump to see what's changed in the iPod lineup. 

Pictured above

The iPod Nano has returned to it's tall form factor, sporting a larger screen now.
An Accelerometer has been added now, cause the screen to shift perspective when turned to the side for viewing videos.
The colours have been updated and surround the entire device like the second generation Nano.
New headphones have also been introduced with volume controls in them and a microphone that the iPod Nano can use for voice recording without an external microphone or any additional software.
The Nano is available in both 8GB and 16GB.
New Price: 8GB $169 CAD 16GB $219 CAD



The iPod Touch has also been updated.
They've left the storage the same - 8GB, 16GB, 32GB models.
The entire device is now thinner
A speaker has been added to the bottom for "Casual listeners" I.E. Not for audiophiles. 
The new headphones also work with the second generation iPod Touch.
Nike+ software is now built in to the iPod Touch
New Price: 8GB $259 CAD, 16GB $329 CAD, 32GB $429 CAD



The iPod Classic has been updated very minimally.
The new headphones work with the seventh generation iPod
The new model is now only available in 120GB
New price: 120GB $279 CAD


The iPod Shuffle has only received one update and it's entirely cosmetic.
New colours 
Same Price: 1GB: $55 CAD, 2GB $75 CAD

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