Monday, September 15, 2008

The Women -- Eh...


I don't know what it was about The Women that didn't quite work for me. I mean, it wasn't a horrible movie. But it wasn't quite what I thought it should be, either. The cast was pretty good, the characters were likeable, and it was touted as one of the gayest movies in a while thanks to Debra Messing and Bette Middler being involved. But it was just kinda... eh. 

Bette Middler was in the movie for all of five seconds. She played a stoner acting agent that Meg Ryan's character met at some random camp she went to after separating from her husband. She tells Mary (Ryan's character) that she should ask about what she wants not what everyone else wants over a joint and that's all we see of her. It was really more of a cameo than an actual role. 

The story was a good idea, but the implementation was kinda off. Mary's husband cheats on her and it's about how she deals with it with some of her friends help her. Jada Pinket Smith plays a lesbian writer, Anette Benning plays a magazine editor, and Debra Messing plays a mom-type. 

It was okay. But I guess I just wanted to like it more than I did. I'd wait for it to come out and rent it or even just wait for it to play on Movie channels.

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