Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gaming: LittleBigPlanet

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There's very few words to describe just how excited I am for LittleBigPlanet to release in October. The game looks fantastic! Both visually and content-wise. It's an action platformer that has fantastic levels of customization. 

LittleBigPlanet is a PS3 exclusive and is expected to be a console-mover. The game is based around three pillars. Play, Create, and Share.

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Play lets you go through 50+ levels built by the developers, both by yourself and with others. You can play with up to four players, with a combination of online or offline multiplayer. (I.E. You can play with 3 people online or 2 online and 1 in the room with you, or 2 in the room with you and 1 online.)

Create allows you to use tons content the devs put in to the game. There's a small amount available from the beginning of the game and you can collect more as you play through it. If you collect all the items in the game, you will be able to recreate every single level the Developers did. There's also an option called 'Stickers." They are what they sound like, stickers you can put on to anything you make or anything in a developers level. You can use your Playstation Eye (and possibly images from your HDD in a future update. It's been confirmed it won't be a feature at launch.) You can also customize the way your Sackboy (pictured above) looks. It's going to be a huge game for customization.

Share allows you to share the creations you make through the PSN. You can put a level you make on to the community and people can play it. You can also allow people who play your level to receive a reward for finishing the level or finding a secret you've built in to the level. This could be an item you've created, a sackboy design, or even a key to another level of yours. You can make the level private, public, or friends-only. Private makes only people with keys able to play it, friends-only is people on your in-game friends list, and publis is anyone. It's going to be amazing! 

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