Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Night Rant -- Miscommunication




Have you ever talked to someone when you were exhausted and accidently flipped on them? I have... A really close friend of mine was talking to me the other morning and I accidently freaked out. I've been really exhausted lately and I can't just figure out why. I think I may be doing a little more than I'm able to, but I'm trying to cut back on what I'm doing and get better sleep. 

Anyway, a simple conversation quickly turned to an argument. Some things were taken out of hand by both of us and everything got way out of hand. But the rant tonight isn't based entirely around this argument. It's moreso about how people take shit out of hand. 

I've had a lot of different situations with this before. People hear one thing, I say another. I had someone tell a friend of theirs that I would work for them. At that time, I was interviewing for another job that would pay more. So I told this person that I wasn't interested. They, before checking with me, had told their friend that I would show up a couple days later for work. This resulted in a huge misunderstanding and some anger between both parties involved. I had to go sort things out with the employer and explain that the job had been guaranteed without my consent, etc. 

I find the most frustrating part of miscommunication, whether it be during an argument or just in general, is that there is such a huge assumption made by both ends. If you're talking to someone online, tone just can't be heard. It's a bit frustrating. 

Oh well. It just frustrates me that people can't listen. You try to get a point across and they just dig their heels in. Have any of you experienced anything like this? Tell me about it in the comments.

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