Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Perez Hilton -- WTF?

A quick surf around Perez Hilton's website is, admittedly, a guilty pleasure of mine. I don't really care about what's going on with celebrities. Though I am and avid fan of a few, I don't obsess. (Unless we're talking about Jared Padalecki.) 

Anyway, Perez Hilton is a larger guy, is friends with Beth Ditto, a larger girl and an avid supported of BBW, friends with Mika and helped Launch him who is also a BBW supporter and even wrote a song for all the girls out there. But Perez doesn't seem to care that his advertisers have used images of BBWs in a negative light. The ad, pictured above, is seen on Perez Hilton's blog stating 

"Don't Let This Happen To You. If you've ever felt like this, it's time to make a change"

Perez supported Niki Blonsky when she was first announced to be playing the large and in charge Tracy Turnblad in the movie adaption of Hairspray and yet he allows advertisers to make both men and women feel horrible about their weight? Something's amiss... 

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