Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wii DVD Playback


Tired of not being able to play DVDs on your Wii? Well, with a simple little hack, you can! It requires a way to get files to an SD Card from your computer, an SD Card (The Wii only supports up to 2GB cards), and a copy of Twilight Princess. (US readers will need to discern which version they have. More on that later.) 

If you wanna watch DVDs on your Wii, follow along after the jump. 

Before we start I just wanna say that while this hasn't reportedly bricked any Wii Consoles before, if you manage to brick yours, I assume no responsibility. Hack at your own risk, Wii fans! 

1.) Head on over to this website and pick up the Homebrew Channel data and the Twilight Hack data. The Twilight Hack data IS region coded, so make sure you pick up the proper one. Copy these both to your SD card and plug it in to your Wii and copy the Twilight Hack (save file) to your Wii. If you already have a save file on your system for Twilight Princess, you'll need to delete it. Backing it up on a separate SD Card is up to you.

2) Once you've got it all copied over, pop in Twilight Princess, load it up and load the save file. US WII OWNERS: If you bought your copy of Twilight Princess close to launch, load the first file. If you bought it recently, load the second file. Once you have it loaded, walk backwards to activate the hack. This will load up a DOS-like screen. Push A and the Homebrew channel (pictured above) will be installed.

3) Once you've loaded up the Wiibrew channel, head to this website and download the mplayer and libdi files. Copy them to the SD Card. The root of the SD Card should have a "Private" folder, an "Apps" folder, and a boot file. 

4) Head in to the di folder and now you need to rename one of the files. Rename install.dol to boot.dol After you've done that, put the SD card back in to your Wii.

5) Load up the Wiibrew channel and you should see an Apps list. It will have an "Mplayer" app and a "Boot" app below it. Run the Boot app first. Choose the basic install, let it run. It shouldn't take very long at all. 

6) After it's installed, you'll be taken to the Wii Menu again. Go back in to the Homebrew channel and now you have to load the Mplayer. It will bring up the main menu for Mplayer. Insert a DVD and use the D pad to navigate and select DVD Video and you should get it playing back. 

7) And that's it! Your DVD should play just fine! Hope you enjoy it!

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