Sunday, August 31, 2008

Saturday Night Rant -- The Sunday Morning Edition

Hey guys, sorry I didn't get a chance to post this last night. I got busy drinking with the girls and then I was chatting on BlogTV with Luna from youtube. (Go check her out, she's hilarious. Here's her YouTube Page.) And then it was like 2:30 in the morning and I just totally spaced on it. So, here it is, a day late. 





I fucking hate it when you're on a forum and there's that resident troll. You know? The one that's buddies with seeral of the mods and sometimes even the admin, so they get away with all this shit. How ridiculous is that? There was one like this on a Forum I frequent and it disappointed me. 

He was horrible. It was to the point where he would come in to threads and just attack people and stir shit up. The people that he had convinced to like him would say "Oh, he's just kidding" or "He's just being sarcastic", "It's the UK wit!" 

I'm sorry, but harassing a member of the forum is not kidding, sarcastic, or witty. At every opportunity he received, he would attack him, saying that he was simply a woman with a dick when this member had done nothing in the first place to him. 

Said Troll would also hijack threads. We have a regional section of the board that's country specific. He's from the UK and he jumps in to the Canada thread about five posts after a couple of people had finished talking to eachother about the Olympics and simply states "Ha, 10 medals, you guys suck."

So he got a simple response from me saying "blatant troll is blatant." You'd have thought I'd caused nuclear winter. Three other members of the forum, none of which were Canadian, jump in to the thread and continue to attack me. So I made one more pst in my defense, said I didn't take either of them seriously and left it at that. Why feed the trolls? 

The particular troll that started all this shit had been bitching about the board for months and how he wanted to leave the board. Why the hell would you stick around just to be an asshole and make fun of others? You've got to have pretty low self esteem to spend all your time on the internet, making fun of others to make yourself feel better.

A few days ago he was talking to people in our Random, Off topic thread and he ended up in a fight with the mod and he ended up deleting his account after a mini-whiney-bitchfest. I stated my opinion in the thread of it being a good thing and I was attacked by near the entire forum. But I felt like I'd done the right thing. There were people who couldn't stand up and say how much he had offended and hurt them, so I felt it was my responsibility. 

I was told that I just didn't know him and that's why I didn't like him. Which was bullshit. I didn't like him because he caused shit on the forum and was an asshole for no reason to most people. Maybe he's a pained artist, maybe he needs medication. But how would I know that? He never presented it on the board. I can't be expected to know everyone on a board of about 200 personally. 

I was even told directly by a mod, in the public threads, not private messages or anything, to shut up because no one cares what I think. Mods are supposed to be objective, aren't they? But, then again, this mod had been talking to the troll outside the board and I'm pretty sure she had the hots for him. 

So when I was happy a troll had been kicked out, I was practically lynched. But I'm not gonna get out. Why the hell should I leave a forum I enjoy (or did) simply because these people are being assholes? That would just prove their behaviour is acceptable and it isn't. 

So I'm still around on the board and I'm still posting and I'm hoping that there are a few on the board that're glad I could stand up and say that even though they couldn't. But I'm not going to let some asshole troll who thinks he's better than me and his little harem of bitches drive me away form a forum that i've been a member of for almost three years now.

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